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Reminder Bot for Discord.

How do I use it?

I offer a hosted version of the bot. You can invite it with: The catch is that repeating reminders are paid on the hosted version of the bot. Keep reading if you want to host it yourself.

You'll need rustc and cargo for compilation. To run, you'll need Python 3 still (due to no suitable replacement for dateparser in Rust)

Build APT package

Recommended method.

By default, this builds targeting Ubuntu 20.04. Modify the Containerfile if you wish to target a different platform. These instructions are written using podman, but docker should work too.

  1. Install container software: sudo apt install podman.
  2. Install database server: sudo apt install mysql-server-8.0. Create a database called reminders
  3. Install SQLx CLI: cargo install sqlx-cli
  4. From the source code directory, execute sqlx migrate run
  5. Build container image: podman build -t reminder-rs .
  6. Build with podman: podman run --rm --network=host -v "$PWD":/mnt -w /mnt -e "DATABASE_URL=mysql://user@localhost/reminders" reminder-rs cargo deb

Compiling for other target

  1. Install requirements: sudo apt install gcc gcc-multilib cmake libssl-dev build-essential python3-dateparser
  2. Install rustup from
  3. Install the nightly toolchain: rustup toolchain default nightly
  4. Install database server: sudo apt install mysql-server-8.0. Create a database called reminders.
  5. Install sqlx-cli: cargo install sqlx-cli.
  6. Run migrations: sqlx migrate run.
  7. Set environment variables:
    • DATABASE_URL - the URL of your MySQL database (mysql://user[:password]@domain/database)
  8. Build: cargo build --release


Reminder Bot reads a number of environment variables. Some are essential, and others have hardcoded fallbacks. Environment variables can be loaded from a .env file in the working directory.

Required Variables

  • DATABASE_URL - the URL of your MySQL database (mysql://user[:password]@domain/database)
  • DISCORD_TOKEN - your application's bot user's authorization token

Other Variables

  • MIN_INTERVAL - default 600, defines the shortest interval the bot should accept
  • LOCAL_TIMEZONE - default UTC, necessary for calculations in the natural language processor
  • SUBSCRIPTION_ROLES - default None, accepts a list of Discord role IDs that are given to subscribed users
  • CNC_GUILD - default None, accepts a single Discord guild ID for the server that the subscription roles belong to
  • PYTHON_LOCATION - default /usr/bin/python3. Can be changed if your Python executable is located somewhere else
  • THEME_COLOR - default 8fb677. Specifies the hex value of the color to use on info message embeds